Welcome to BitShares first Mutual Fund !
The service provided by the fund aims at:
  • Pooling investors assets in collectively managed funds, each fund following a dedicated strategy
  • Enabling an investor to have a dedicated 365/24/7 bot to implement his/her own strategy
Perks of putting your assets in a mutual fund:
  • 365/7/24 bot, no need of maintaining a personal one
  • Benefiting from BitShares dexbot embedded strategies
  • Maximising profits thanks to greater depth of orders' range and mutualized orders fees
  • Shared network fees including a lifetime membership account
  • Eligibility for the Market Makers Programs of Cryptobridge ie. issuer fees reimbursed + payment of 25% of the taker fee
This a trial project, visit Discord to get more information. To participate, you need to register first: